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Philip G. Lo

A highly respected business executive currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Development Bank of the Philippines, Chairman Lo has a remarkable track record in both the private and public sectors, having held various leadership roles throughout his career.

In the private sector, he is the Chairman of Coast Pacific Group of Companies (CPGC) and Toyota Mabolo Cebu, Inc. (TMCI). His expertise and investments span across multiple industries he leads, including hospitality, furniture, real estate developments, construction, warehouse leasing, manufacturing (furniture, furnishings, and stone tiles), food restaurants, motorcycle assembly, and automobile dealership. Additionally, he has significant experience in community malls, housing development, shipping, trading, export and logistics, public transport, financing, insurance, industrial refrigeration, powdercoating, agricultural farming and products.

Apart from his successful business ventures, Chairman Lo actively participates in non-governmental organizations. He is the President of Boaters Limited and holds an important position as a member of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, where he holds the rank of Commodore, showing his commitment to serving the community.

Chairman Lo has also made contributions to public service, serving as a director in both the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation from 2002 to 2010 and Cocogen Insurance, Inc.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Santo Tomas, which he obtained in 1979. Additionally, he has completed specialized training in Corporate Governance, further enhancing his expertise in leadership and governance matters. With his wealth of experience and accomplishments, Chairman Lo continues to make valuable contributions to the business world and the community at large.