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As the country’s premier development financing institution, the Development Bank of the Philippines supports the promotion of equality among women and men. The Bank’s policies, plans, and programs attribute to the Gender and Development Guidelines advocated by the Philippine Commission on Women and ensures practice of fairness and inclusion in its projects.

DBP’s Program

Gender and Development References

GWP-2.mp4 (97 downloads)

      • Magna Carta for Women AVP Part 1 of 3

Magna-Carta-for-Women-AVP-Part-1-of-3.mp4 (104 downloads)

      • Magna Carta for Women AVP Part 2 of 3

Magna-Carta-for-Women-AVP-Part-2-of-3.mp4 (94 downloads)

      • Magna Carta for Women AVP Part 3 of 3

Magna-Carta-for-Women-AVP-Part-3-of-3.mp4 (98 downloads)

01-VAW-in-the-Home1.mp4 (103 downloads)

      • VAW in the Workplace

02-VAW-in-the-Workplace1.mp4 (113 downloads)

      • VAW in the Schools

03-VAW-in-Schools1.mp4 (103 downloads)

      • VAW in the Public Spaces

04-VAW-in-Public-Spaces1.mp4 (100 downloads)

      • VAW in the Digital Media

05-VAW-in-the-Digital-Media1.mp4 (109 downloads)

      • We Can Be Violence Free

We-Can-Be-Violence-Free.mp4 (101 downloads)

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