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As the country’s premier development financing institution, the Development Bank of the Philippines supports the promotion of equality among women and men. The Bank’s policies, plans, and programs attribute to the Gender and Development Guidelines advocated by the Philippine Commission on Women and ensures practice of fairness and inclusion in its projects.

DBP Gender and Development Policy

The DBP, in its developmental mission and initiatives, is committed to gender equality shall integrate and implement Gender and Development (GAD) considerations in all aspects of its operations. DBP’s commitment to gender and development is embodied in the principles of inclusiveness, accountability, and partnership.

In pursuit of this policy, DBP commits to:

– Comply with different GAD commitments enshrined in agreements, regulations and various gender-related laws;

– Heighten the level of gender awareness in DBP by providing an environment supportive of gender mainstreaming;

– Review DBP’s existing programs, activities, and projects to surface the gender issues that need to be addressed;

– Formulate development plans, policies, budgets and programs, and projects and services that are gender-responsive so that these lead to women empowerment, gender equality, and equity; and

– Install enabling mechanisms that will ensure effective implementation of policies, programs, and projects on gender mainstreaming.

DBP’s Program

Gender and Development References

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