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Investment Banking and Capital Markets


Loan Syndication/Arrangement

DBP can provide loan syndication/arrangement services for a client who is in need of significant capital, particularly when a transaction is potentially too large for a single lender to shoulder or is beyond the risk appetite of a sole investor.

Financial Packaging, Structure and Project Finance

In relation to loan syndication/arrangement, such transactions may take the route of a limited or non-recourse deal in order to take the form of a project finance structure. DBP boasts a track-record of successful deals that were tailored specifically for such projects.

Financial and Transaction Advisory

Clients keen on pursuing business opportunities may engage DBP as an Advisor for ventures with growth prospects, particularly in the following fields:

    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Privatizations
    • Company Valuations
    • Bids for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

Securities/Debt Underwriting/Issue Management

A client may also opt to raise funds via the capital markets through the issuance of debt securities such as companies that have proven ripe to reach a wider investor-base and thus achieve a higher level of prestige loans. DBP can provide issue management and securities marketed to targeted investors and that the needed funds are secured for the client.

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