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Social Policy Statement

The DBP, in its developmental mission and initiatives, is committed to social protection and sustainable development and shall integrate and implement social consideration into all aspects of its operations and services, asset management, and business decision.

In pursuit of this policy, DBP commits to:

Make the identification of social impacts and risks a part of the normal process of risk management and assessment through the technical due diligence process of the Bank;
Comply with local, national and international regulations and conventions applicable to social considerations of projects, including indigenous peoples, gender and development, child welfare, and occupational/community health and saftey issues;
Take an active role in influencing our clients, business associates, bank officers and staff to integrate social considerations into their project operations; and
Define performance measures for social impacts and conduct monitoring and evaluation activities to measure performance against goals.

Commitment to

Integrated social consideration into
all aspects of its operations & services, asset management & business decisions

BR No. 0037 dated January 27, 2016