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Environmental Policy Statement

The DBP, in its developmental mission and initiatives, is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development and shall continue to integrate and implement environmental considerations into all aspects of its operations and services, asset management, and business decisions.

DBP commits to:

    • Ensure an effective organizational structure and adequate resources to attain the Bank’s
      environmental objectives;
    • Encourage other institutions to pursue sustainable and resilient growth by enabling
      mechanisms for environmental protection and socially responsible business decisions
      through the Bank’s lending and technical assistance programs; and to pursue
      environmental due diligence inquiry in risk assessment and management;
    • Comply with relevant environmental laws, regulations and agreements to which DBP
      subscribes; set and review environmental objectives and targets along identified
      significant environmental aspects;
    • Ensure that all employees at all levels are made aware of and are actively involved in the
      implementation of the Bank’s Environmental Policy and programs through appropriate
      training and information.