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Quality Policy Statement

DBP commits to the pursuit of excellence in all facets of its operations. It strives for sustained organizational agility in the context of continuously changing and evolving challenges and opportunities.

In pursuit of sustainable development practices, DBP works in partnership with its clients. In dealing with its most important stakeholders, the Bank upholds that:

    • The needs and expectations of customers always come first, ensuring that the Bank
      serves them with utmost professionalism and integrity, while fully respecting the rule of
    • To consistently improve the delivery of services to customers, the Bank must always be
      guided by a collective effort to achieve organizational agility and teamwork.
    • DBP employees recognize their responsibilities for ensuring quality service to the Bank’s
      clients. Driven by their passion to carry out ordinary duties extraordinarily well, and to
      make a difference through continual improvement.

DBP asserts that the quality it puts in its work creates an environment where people can freely share their ideas, without fear or favour. DBP channels its resources where they are most needed, constantly enhancing its processes with tools, systems, and methods that complement its strategic and unique mandate as a responsive and transformational institution for inclusive and sustainable development.