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Sustainable Agribusiness Financing Program (SAFP)

The SAFP is a credit assistance program for agribusiness projects engaged in the production, harvesting, processing, and marketing of crops, poultry, livestock, and fishery.

Eligible Projects

      • All agri-business projects including but not limited to the traditional crops, high value crops, organic crops – from production, post-harvest, processing to marketing or the whole value chain;
      • Poultry, livestock, fishery including cattle/goat dairy production, cattle breeding cum fattening, swine production, goat raising, fish production and harvest, processing to marketing of meat and other food production projects;
      • Investment in bio-fuel feedstock projects such as production of coconut, sugar, cassava, sweet sorghum, palm oil, etc., including post-harvest facilities, processing to marketing;
      • Production of organic products or the whole value chain; and
      • Manufacturing and distribution of farm machinery, equipment and supplies

Eligible Borrowers

Wholesale: (with at least one (1) year profitable operation)

      • Banks – Commercial Banks; Thrift Banks; Rural Banks; Cooperative Banks; and Microfinance Institutions
      • Non-Banks – Non-Government Organizations (NGO); Irrigators’ Associations (IA); SEC registered Financing Companies; Cooperatives; Farmer/Fisherfolk Associations; other types of assoc./org. duly registered with the corresponding government agencies


      • Duly registered with SEC, DTI, DOLE, CDA; and
      • Engaged in agri-business projects that will not pose risk to health, national security and the environment.
      • LGUs

Loan Amount

      • Loan amount shall be up to maximum of 90% of the total project cost (TPC)
      • For Domestic Packing Credit, up to 80% value of PO

Interest Rate

Prevailing market rate

      • Term Loan – shall be based on the project cycle and projected cash flow as determined by DBP but not to exceed ten (10) years, inclusive of grace period. Progress and/or balloon payment on principal and interest may be allowed.
      • Credit Line – shall be based on the approved tenor/client’s cash conversion cycle but not more than 360 days.
      • Domestic Packing Credit – shall not exceed the expiry date of the PO.

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SAFP Sub-Program:
Sustainable Agribusiness Financing Program for the Dairy Industry (SAFP-DAIRY)

Program Managers
Rallen O. Verdadero
Head, Program Development Management II
812-8088/818-9511 local 3327

Gracely Lux G. Itum
Head, Loan Program Development Unit – PDM II
818-9511 local 2330

Miriam T. Fabian
Loan Program Development Unit – PDM II
812-80088/818-9511 local 2331