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Water Pollution Prevention and Control


    • Septage Management Projects
    • Septage Treatment Facilities (STFs) including upgrading and rehabilitation works
    • Purchase of Vacuum Trucks/Desludging Trucks
    • Purchase of Mobile Dewatering Trucks
    • Bio-solids Processing Facility including upgrading to Class A Fertilizers
    • Upgrading and Rehabilitation of Existing STFs
    • Domestic Wastewater Systems
    • Sewerage Networks including expansion and rehabilitation
    • Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) including upgrading and rehabilitation networks
    • Low-Cost Community Sewerage Projects and STPs
    • Water Recovery and Recycling Project from STPs
    • Communal / Public Sanitary Toilet Facilities

Wastewater treatment systems/facilities for industrial wastewater

    Clean-up, rehabilitation and maintenance of water bodies (e.g. Manila Bay, rivers, esteros)

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