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Debit Bills Payment

Burdened with the mere thought of commuting to your payment centers and waiting in long lines just to pay your bills? Scared of losing your hard-earned money on your way to pay? Or are you simply tired of beating bills’ due dates and billers’ closing time, what with all the myriad things you have to attend to every day?

Relax because with Bancnet, banking couldn’t be more effortless! Now, paying all your bills from any of the 34 accredited institutions – insurance and pre-need premiums, telecommunications, utilities, credit cards, internet and cable service providers, loan amortizations, even tuition fees, etc. is hassle-free. You can even send donations to charitable institutions like Bantay Bata and Oplan Smile through this facility. Because it is real-time, your transaction date serves as the actual date of payment so you need not worry about being charged late payment penalties especially when paying your credit cards.

Manage and organize all your monthly bills in just one place – wherever and whenever it is convenient or handy for you. No need to write checks! No more closing time! No need to queue because with Bancnet, there are three convenient ways to pay your bills:

      • Pay through any Bancnet ATM.
      • Pay right where you are (home, office, gym, mall, etc.) using your Smart phones.
      • Pay on-line whether you’re at home or in the office or anywhere safe and convenient for you.

You have the option to enroll or not the companies you would want to pay, to your bank branch of account. Plus, the transaction date is also the actual date of payment.

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