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Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal for Merchants

      • The DBP Point of Sale (POS) is a complete payment system that facilitates the authentication of payments using various cards issued by any member bank of local and international networks.
      • It allows merchants access to more than 33 million ATM cardholders across the country’s major ATM network – BancNet and international network for Credit/Debit/Prepaid and Credit Cards VISA.
      • Card transaction payments are credited straight to the Merchant’s DBP account after one (1) banking day
      • Plug and play device that does not need a dedicated telephone line. Wireless models are also available for off-site collections
      • Machines can print summary and detailed reports at any time of the day and DBP can also send periodic reports via email for easy tracking of transaction proceeds of Merchants
      • No required sales volume or minimum card transactions to avail of the DBP POS.
      • Suitable for businesses with high payment transaction volume.
      • Increased security as less cash is handled by personnel and minimized erroneous data entry.
      • Minimizes the cash handling problems encountered such as shortages and counterfeit bills and addresses coin sourcing requirements as well.

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