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DBP Banking Products and Services

2. Can I make a deposit via DBP ATM?

No, deposits via cash or check can only be made directly or over-the-counter at any DBP Branch.

3. What is the minimum cash withdrawal amount that can be transacted using a DBP ATM?

DBP account holders may withdraw cash using their ATMs for as low as P200.00.

4. What is the maximum ATM withdrawal per day?

The current maximum withdrawable amount via ATM is P20,000.00 per day. DBP cardholders may request for an increase of up to P50,000.00 per day at their respective DBP Branch of Account.

5. Is there any transaction fee when using the ATM?

A. Transactions made by DBP cardholders at a DBP ATM are free of charge with the exception of fund transfers: from a DBP account to another non-DBP bank account.

B. For ATM transactions made by DBP cardholders at other Bank’s ATM, transactions fees vary depending on the acquirer bank.

C. For ATM transactions made by a non-DBP cardholder at any DBP ATM, transaction fees are as follows:
– Balance Inquiry= P2.00
– Cash Withdrawal= P15.00

6. What should I do if I forget my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

You may request for a new PIN by filing a request with your DBP Branch of Account. Please bring at least two (2) valid government-issued IDs for verification purposes.

7. What should I do if my card is captured by the ATM?

For DBP cardholders, immediately report the incident to your DBP Branch of Account for immediate assistance. For card-related concerns, please contact (+63-2) 8818-9511 and press “1” to report the problem.

For non-DBP cardholders, proceed to your Bank of Account for proper handling of the same.

8. What should I do if the ATM does not dispense any cash during my withdrawal transaction?

For DBP cardholders, please proceed to your Branch of Account to file a complaint or you may call the following hotline:

DBP Customer Service- (02) 683-8324 (Mondays thru Fridays, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM)
E-Channels Operations Department- (02) 818-9511 local 2580/2442- (available 24/7)

9. What should I do if I lose my ATM card?

Please proceed to or report the incident to your Branch of Account for the immediate blocking or deactivation of your card to avoid any unauthorized use. Alternatively, you may call our E-Channels Operations Department at (02) 818-9511 local 2580/2442- (available 24/7).

10. Can I use my card for bank transactions abroad?

The DBP Visa ATM Card cannot be temporarily used overseas due to ongoing system enhancements. Rest assured we are working towards restoring the service the soonest time possible and we apologize for any convenience this might have caused.

11. How much is the transaction fee for fund transfer via ATM?

The domestic standard fee is PHP 25.00, regardless of the amount of fund transfer. The default transferable amount is PHP 20,000.00 but can be increased upon request up to PHP 50,000.00.

12. Is the crediting of fund transfer transactions via ATM real-time?

Yes, the funds will be credited to the target account in real time.

13. I have a DBP Prepaid card, can I make a deposit transaction into this card?

No, DBP Prepaid cards may only be used as disbursement cards, either for direct withdrawal transactions or purchase payments via POS terminals.

Note that prepaid card loading can only be done by a Card Issuance Institutional Partner.

14. I want to use my card for online transactions, what should I do?

Proceed to your Branch of Account to request for the activation of your card for online transactions. Bring your ATM card and at least two (2) valid government-issued IDs for verification purposes. This initiative is being implemented as part of the Bank’s effort in preventing fraud, phishing and other unauthorized activities considering the proliferation of reported card-fraud related incidents in the banking industry.

15. My card is blocked due to three wrong PIN attempts, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your PIN or continue to experience the same problem, you may proceed to your Branch of Account or to the nearest DBP branch to request for a new PIN.

16. Do you have an online banking facility?

DBP offers online banking services for DBP accountholders with ATM cards by logging in to or go to Online Banking at the DBP website then click on the EC Banking option.

First time users are required to register their account by clicking on the “Register Now” option. Follow the steps in creating a new user account and provide the necessary information. Please note that the information to be provided (i.e. mobile number, email address, etc.,) should be the same as those provided in your bank records. Otherwise, kindly update your records at your Branch of Account prior to your online registration. Further, for system compatibility, use any browser using a desktop computer (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).

Additional procedures in adding ATM Card/s:
– Login using the created user account
– Select Profile Management and choose Add ATM Card
– Follow the steps and provide necessary details.

You will receive confirmation from your registration through the desired One-Time- PIN Channel (e.g. SMS or email) within 2-3 banking days.

17. Can I use my DBP Visa Debit Card for Point-Of-Sale (POS) transactions?

Yes, the card can be used for POS transactions. Just ensure that the available balance is sufficient to cover the amount of the purchased item.

18. How much is the charge if I use my DBP ATM Visa Chip Card in POS terminals?

It is free of charge for store purchases.

19. How much is the charge if I use my DBP ATM Visa Chip Card for Online / Internet / E-Commerce Purchases?

DBP has no additional charges for online purchases, however, the merchant may charge a “Web/Service Fee or Convenience Fee”.

The following are some security measures to consider in using your card for online transactions:

1) Only access online stores whose shopping site begins with https: and,
2) Note that there are international online stores that do not reflect Philippine custom taxes in their billing and may charge pay additional fee/s.

20. How long is the validity of the DBP ATM Visa Chip Card?

The DBP ATM card is valid for five (5) years.

21. How can I check the balance of my DBP ATM Visa Chip Card?

You may check your balance through the following options:

1. Through any ATM unit
2. For DBP cardholders with registered cards via BancNet Online, the DBP EC Banking webpage to view your balance online.
3. For Passbook-based accounts, go to your Branch of Account to update records or request for a Bank statement.