DBP Peso-Denominated Series 2 Bonds Due 2022

Why invest in DBP?

Trailblazer in Development Financing. DBP is consistently recognized by various local and institutional institutions for its development financing activities.

Direct investment in Nation Building. DBP is the country’s Infrastructure Bank and plays a critical role in the Administration’s “Build, Build, Build!” infrastructure program.

100% owned by the National GovernmentDBP is wholly-owned by the National Government.

Banking on Stability. DBP has been stable and has been continually growing over the years with increasing income, loans and deposit base.

Experienced ManagementWith extensive experience in senior executive positions in a wide array of industries, DBP’s Management Team brings to the Bank cutting edge best practices and business initiatives as DBP competes in a highly competitive market as evidenced by its size and profitability.

Terms of the Offering:

IssueDevelopment Bank of the Philippines (“DBP”)
Tenor2 years
Interest Rate2.50% g.p.a
Interest PaymentsQuarterly (subject to final withholding tax except for tax-exempt institutions)
Issue PriceAt par (or 100%)
FormScripless and electronic form and registered and lodged with the Philippine Depository & Trust Corporation (PDTC) in the name of the Bondholders
Public offer period24 November 2020 to 04 December 2020*
Issue Date11 December 2020*

 *The issuer and Joint Lead Arrangers reserve the right to adjust the offer period and issue date

For more information, visit any DBP Branch or any of the Selling Agents. You may also contact DBP’s Treasury and Corporate Finance Marketing Department at Telephone No. +632 8-818-9511 locals 3820, 3825, 2834 or 2831.

Note: The Bonds have not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Regulation Code. Any future offer to sell or sale of the securities is subject to the registration requirements under the Code unless such offer to sell or sale qualifies as exempt transaction. The bonds are not deposits and will not be insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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