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Paul D. Lazaro
Executive Vice President

EVP Paul D. Lazaro is currently the Head of the Bank’s Development Lending Sector which is responsible for the delivery of Development Lending Products to priority sectors of infrastructure and logistics, agriculture, social services, MSMEs and environment. He started his career in DBP in 1991 as an Assistant Manager responsible for the conduct of eight sub-sectoral studies in the manufacturing sector under DBP’s World Bank funded Industrial Restructuring Program. He then moved to program management and development where he was responsible for the crafting of some of the Bank’s development programs in Infrastructure, Logistics & Tourism, Environment & Climate Change, Energy, Water and Sanitation and for the SME sector. He was likewise assigned briefly to the Bank’s Office of the President and oversaw the evaluation of development programs.

Spanning 30 years of development work, EVP Lazaro also headed the Lending Program Management Group and managed the departments that are responsible for the development and management of DBP’s policy-based lending programs/products, policy advocacy, mobilization and management of ODA funds and other special funding sources and provision of technical, marketing and promotional support to various departments within the Bank. He also managed the Special Assets Group which is responsible for the remediation of the Bank’s non-performing loans and the disposal of Real and Other Properties Acquired.

EVP Lazaro is a Career Executive Service Officer Rank V eligible and a licensed Environmental Planner.