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2015 Annual Report

More than reporting the Bank’s financial performance for the year, our 2015 Annual Report aims to chronicle the story behind the numbers. Our DBP bankers and their customers create not just the financial results but the projects that serve as engine of growth, catalyst for progress. Not just a snapshot of a year, but a continuing history of our Bank’s role in the prosperity and the rise in living standards of our people due to our financing of the key sectors of the Philippine economy.

2014 Annual Report

Staying true to its mandate of bringing progress to the nation, the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) is steadfast in spearheading projects that aid in our country’s growth. On this cover, progress is reflected on the solar panels, conveying an imagery of DBP’s continuing pursuit of finding innovative ways of uplifting the life of every Filipino. The solar panels reflect some of DBP’s development projects — a school building to show the Bank’s unwavering efforts in the field of education, a progressive cityscape and ultimately, a Filipino family enjoying the fruits of progress.

2013 Annual Report

By embracing change and creativity, DBP is raising the bar with innovative plans and strategies that are poised to enhance the Filipino people’s quality of life. In this day and age, the digital tablet has become the device du jour and a symbol of 21st century technology. The Bank helps in improving Filipinos’ technological access that is vital in making our nation more connected with the rest of the changing world. Featured on the cover is the DBP tablet showing the four icons of infrastructure, environment, social services and MSMEs – the key thrusts that the Bank has committed to bring about rapid and modern development to every corner of the country.

2013 Sustainable Development Report

Measures of Progress: Beyond Numbers, Beyond Banking is the sixth Sustainable Development Report (SDR) of the Development Bank of the Philippines. We started voluntarily publishing our annual SDR in addition to our regular annual report since 2008. In 2012 we reported a stand-alone SDR using the GRI G3.1 Guidelines. Since then, GRI has developed the G4 Guidelines to be widely applicable to all organizations over the world, regardless of type, sector or size—and here we are adapting the same.

2012 Annual Report

The DBP has broken new grounds to progress by instilling the principles of good governance in development financing. The Bank has also consistently performed the two-fold role of profitable institution and development catalyst. DBP paved the way for driving sustainable growth. Indeed, DBP strives to serve as proof that striking a balance between the pursuit of development and profitability is key to sustaining progress.

2012 Sustainable Development Report

In line with our commitment to transparency and accountability, the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) presents its fifth Sustainable Development Report, The Colors of Development. We prepared this in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Guidelines to present a clear, accurate, and balanced view of our sustainability performance in 2012. Our GRI Application is self-declared at Level B. The GRI sustainability framework covers all aspects of sustainable development evolved by the leader among corporate sustainability reporting systems in the world.

2011 Annual Report

As the Philippines’ lead institution for development finance, DBP remains in the forefront of promoting countrywide sustainable development. In 2011, the national economy was beset by global and local challenges. Yet DBP never wavered in its steadfast commitment to develop a better Philippines by supporting projects that prepare Filipinos for the future. More than Bank, it serves as the beacon for development in rural and urban areas. Indeed, DBP is the financial institution that the Filipino people can bank on.

2011 Sustainable Development Report

In line with DBP’s commitment to transparency and accountability, we have been publishing an annual Sustainable Development Report (SOR) since 2008. This is our fourth SOR, and it was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most widely accepted sustainability reporting framework in the world. This report provides comprehensive information about the economic, social, and environmental performance of DBP in 2011. It provides a general description of the Bank’s sustainable development policy and how this is reflected in the way we manage our business.

2009 Sustainable Development Report

At DBP, we have learned how important it is to listen to the sounds of the earth and understand what each is trying to say. That is the only way we will learn how to protect the planet and ourselves, and how to rebuild what we have allowed to wear down. In this second DBP Sustainable Development Report, we bring to the fore the programs we have created and have been supporting to help ensure our planet’s sustainability and uplift the human spirit.

2007 Annual Report

Aware of the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises to the growth of the economy, DBP has, for decades, become an assuring presence to the Filipino entrepreneur as it diligently provides financial and technical assistance to enterprises across all industries. This has resulted to many success stories unfolding and so many more about to happen.

2006 Annual Report

DBP believes that a great nation requires a strong foundation. With great leadership from the Government, the institution has embarked on a multi-faceted development approach highlighted by concrete performances in the fields of business empowerment, logistics modernization, environment preservation and protection, and social services enhancement.