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DBP welcomes newly-appointed officials


The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) welcomes three new members of its Board of Directors  —  Miguel C. Abaya, Teodoro M. Jumamil, and Maria Lourdes Laurel-Avanceña Arcenas .

Retired General Miguel de la Cruz Abaya represents the uniformed services in the DBP Board given the bank’s substantial and growing involvement with the Defense, Armed Forces and Police establishments in their modernization programs, where the bank has provided trade finance facilities for the importation of jet fighters, fixed wing aircraft and other armaments, and where DBP serves as disbursing banks for AFP and PNP pension and Veterans Affairs units.  General Abaya last served as Regional Commander of the PC-INP.  He is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, and he also obtained graduate degrees in Public Management from the University of the Philippines Cebu, and International Defense Management from the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California.

Atty. Teodoro Mondigo Jumamil earned his lawyering and management experience from the public sector and private corporations.  He served as Deputy Administrator of the National Food Authority – whose importations and funding requirements are served by DBP; as Provincial Board Member of the Province of Northern Samar; and as Director and President of both Caritas Life Insurance Corporation and Caritas Financial Plans, Inc.  He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Eastern Philippines, and his Bachelor of Laws degree from San Beda College, and passed the bar examination in 1979.

Maria Lourdes Laurel-Avanceña Arcenas is a clinical psychologist by profession.  Her expertise is resiliency strengthening and competence-building.  She obtained an AB degree in Psychology from St. Scholastica’s College-Manila graduated Cum Laude and an MA in Clinical-Counseling Psychology from Ateneo de Manila University.  Ms. Arcenas is Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar at Stanford University, California where she received an MA in International Development Education.  She has an accreditation certificate in Partnerships Brokering for Sustainable Development from the Overseas Development Institute Program, Deakins University, Australia and in Conflict Resolution/ PeaceBuilding from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.  Her career experience spans psychodiagnostics, human resources management, crisis communication, team building, and resource governance.  She is currently Senior Advisor-Corporate Social Responsibility to local and international corporations in the mining, power, forestry, infrastructure sectors.  She is pro-bono Trustee of the Mothers for Peace Social Enterprise Inc. that provides women in peace-building roles with opportunities of building capacity for sustainable livelihoods.