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DBP to scale up support for water and environment projects


State-run Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) is committed to increase funding support for infrastructure and environmental projects that focus largely on the provision of potable water and the improvement of waste management especially in far-flung areas of the country, a top official said.

DBP president and chief executive officer Cecilia Borromeo said the bank is prepared to provide the necessary assistance to towns and municipalities that seek to improve long-term water availability and accessibility, and to undertake projects that would reduce air and water pollution, improve solid waste management, and advance climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

“DBP remains committed to providing ready and accessible financing for local government units for their development projects on water availability as well as solid waste management and sanitation,” Borromeo said.

DBP is the eight largest bank in the country with assets totaling more than P600-billion as of end-March 2018. The bank provides financial support to four major areas namely, infrastructure, small and medium enterprises, social services and environment.

Last year, the bank released a total of P76.23-billion in loans for infrastructure and logistics projects as well as P57.06-billion in funding assistance for environmental projects. The bank’s water projects are funded under its Water for Every Resident Program, while its support for environment initiatives are carried out through its Green Financing Program.

Borromeo said DBP is also ready to provide financial assistance to local government units to improve their water sanitation and sewerage systems and facilities especially in known tourist destination areas in the country.

“We are one with government’s efforts to directly address these environmental concerns and preserve the natural ecosystem of these tourist spots,” Borromeo said.