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Performance Governance System

The Performance Governance System is a significant tool of good governance reform promoting the efficient delivery of services, economic growth and the establishment of a positive climate for market institutions. It calls for effective, sustained, and systematic contributions from individuals and institutions for the common good of their institution or community and of the Philippines as well as the long term development of the Filipino.

Organizations that have undergone PGS may become Islands of Good Governance (IGG) which will be showcased during APEC 2015 as organizations that have produced positive changes in the organization and real and lasting transformation that benefits internal and external stakeholders in all aspects of governance.

PGS consists of four stages: Initiation, Compliance, Proficiency and Institutionalization. DBP has successfully attained the Initiation Stage last March 2012 and Compliance Stage in October 2014. At present, the Bank is in the Proficiency Stage.

Initiation Stage – The hallmark of Initiation, the first stage of the PGS, is a well-crafted strategy that is created in consultation with internal and external stakeholders in pursuit of its goal or vision.
Compliance Stage – The hallmark of PGS Compliance, the second stage of the PGS, is alignment of the organization to the strategy.
Proficiency Stage – The hallmark of Proficiency, the third stage of the PGS, is successful strategy execution, helmed by an Office of Strategy Management or the Bank’s Strategic Planning and Research (SPRG). The Bank is currently working on the requirements of this stage.
Institutionalization Stage – The Hallmark of Institutionalization, the fourth stage of the PGS is the presence of breakthrough results. The culture of governance must be seen in the organization; such that clear mechanisms are in order and have been set in place to sustain the PGS. Institutionalization demands strong commitment to champion and advance the principles of performance-based governance as a culture or a way of life in the organization.