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DBP Complaints Handling Program

    Policy Statement

    The Development Bank of the Philippines strictly adheres to the BSP Regulation on Financial Consumer Protection (BSP Circular No. 857) in providing “an enabling environment that protects the interest of financial consumers and institutionalizes the responsibilities of all stakeholders.”

    Consistent with the DBP’s Integrated Management System (IMS), the Bank subscribes to the basic tenet of providing financial and banking services in an efficient and responsive manner with emphasis on the following consumer rights as provided for under the Banking Code for Consumer Protection:

    Right to information. The consumer has the right to be protected against fraudulent, dishonest or misleading advertising, labeling, promotion and the right to be given the facts and information needed to make an informed choice and to guide him in his dealings with the bank. Full disclosure and utmost transparency through ready access to information shall be a critical part in every transaction.

    Right to choose. The consumer has the right to choose products at competitive prices with an assurance of satisfactory quality.

    Right to redress. The consumer has the right to seek redress for misrepresentation, breach of contractual obligations, shoddy goods or unsatisfactory services.

    Right to Education. The consumer has the right to be adequately educated regarding features, terms, systems and procedures, and inherent risks of bank products and services, and his responsibilities as well.

    In safeguarding these consumer rights, DBP consistently subscribes to its fundamental values of commitment to public interest, transparency, professionalism, sincerity, efficiency, and responsiveness. With these fundamental values, DBP shall consistently strive to provide banking and financial products and services in a fair and equitable manner that promotes consumer empowerment and confidence in the banking and financial services sector.

    Strategic to the implementation of the DBP Financial Consumer Protection Framework is a fully functioning consumer assistance mechanism. With the overall objective of continually improving the delivery and responsiveness of the Bank’s products and services to the public, DBP’s consumer assistance strategy is anchored on quality service and customer satisfaction through the effective management of customer feedback (i.e., suggestions, requests, inquiries, and commendations) and complaints.

    The DBP consumer assistance mechanism focuses on the sustained implementation of a more effective DBP Customer Feedback and Complaints Handling Program towards improved customer service experience. The DBP consumer assistance mechanism covers processes and procedures in receiving, processing, evaluating/analyzing, monitoring, interpreting, and resolving customer feedback and complaints sent received through the following channels: Verbal (i.e., Phone, Walk-in) and Written (i.e., Email, Complaints Form, Correspondence).

    The DBP Customer Experience Management Unit (CEMU) – OCMO is mainly responsible for managing and ensuring a fully functioning DBP consumer assistance mechanism based on the specified roles and responsibilities detailed in Circular Nos. 02 and 22 s.2015 (Revised Implementing Guidelines on the DBP Customer Feedback ad Complaints Handling Programs).

    CEMU – OCMO shall also act as facilitator of complaints received through verbal and written channels. As such, it shall immediately refer/route customer complaints to the appropriate customer-facing departments, which shall then document the same (using the DBP prescribed Customer Complaint Form) and undertake appropriate action.

    All customer facing departments (e.g., RMC / branch / marketing office / frontline office) are in charge of undertaking all necessary activities to address, resolve and report customer complaints within the prescribed turn-around-time under Circular No. 22-2015 – Revised Implementing Guidelines on the DBP Customer Complaints Handling Program.