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Premyo Bonds

What are Premyo Bonds?

Premyo Bonds are debt instruments issued by the Republic of the Philippines (the “Republic” or “ROP) via the Bureau of the Treasury (“BTr”) with the following benefits:

    • Essentially risk-free as they represent direct obligations of the Republic
    • Low minimum investment of only Php500.00
    • Pays fixed interest every quarter
    • Provides bondholders a chance to win prizes every quarter

Terms of the Offering:

Issuer Republic of the Philippines through the Bureau of the Treasury
Tenor One (1) year
Issue Date December 18, 2019
Maturity Date December 18, 2020
Interest Rate 3.000% p.a.
Interest Payments Quarterly (subject to 20% withholding tax except for tax-exempt institutions)
Issue Price At par (or 100%)
Denomination Minimum investment of Php500.00 and additional amounts in multiples of Php500.00
Public Offer Period November 25, 2019 to December 13, 2019

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