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DBP Special 1-Year Time Deposit

The DBP Special Rate Time Deposit is a regular 1 Year Term Deposit offered at a Special Rate of 3.25% applicable to Fresh funds* deposited with DBP.

Interest Rate 3.25% p.a.
Minimum Placement Php10,000.00
Placement Term One year
Enjoy higher returns for your New Time Deposit*.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Special Time Deposit open to all?

    Yes, it is open to all New and Existing Clients bringing in fresh funds.

  2. Does the Special Time Deposit apply only to fresh funds?

    Yes, it applies only to Fresh funds. Please note that the special rate of 3.25% p.a. is not applicable for:

    • Transfers from existing current, savings or time deposit accounts
    • Proceeds from DBP Loans
    • Deposits that are being placed as collateral/condition for a client to avail themselves of DBP loans.

For more information, please contact:
DBP Financial Center
Tel.: (02) 818-9511 local 2142, or (02) 812-6370

Branch Banking Sector Marketing Group
Tel.: (02) 818-9511 locals 3516 and 2505, (02) 813-3800 and (02) 840-2826

Or visit the DBP Branch nearest you.
You may also email us at