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Mobile Banking Services with SMART

Through a single connection with Smart and Bancnet, DBP ATM cardholders with Smart mobile phones can enjoy the convenience of doing electronic banking using their mobile phones.

Now, your Smart mobile phone can be your very own handy personal banker! No need to go on-line because Bancnet Mobile Phone Banking gives you the convenience of doing real-time electronic banking using your mobile phone. Access your accounts (Current and/or Savings) easily where ever you may be, day or night, seven days a week, even if you’re still in bed or stuck in traffic! Security of your transactions, personal mobile and account data, and mobile/personal identification numbers are assured in full compliance with global security standards.

Check your account balance, transfer funds (from your ATM account to another primary savings or checking account maintained in the same bank (Intra-bank Funds Transfer) or from your ATM account to your or another person’s account in another Bancnet member bank (Inter-bank Funds Transfer), re-order checkbooks, request for bank statements or pay various pre-need and insurance companies, credit cards, utilities, internet and cable service providers, telecommunications, bank loans and other bills real-time, easily and quickly. Because your transaction is real-time, you can pay late at night and still be considered as transaction for that day. You can also re-load any SMART prepaid number (SMART Buddy or Talk ‘n Text) whether you’re a postpaid or prepaid SMART Mobile Banking user as well as load cash to your SMART Money over-the-air.

Convenience banking is truly at your fingertips!

There is no need to go to your branch of account to enroll under this service. All you need to do is to follow these 3 simple steps:

    1. Initialize the Mobile Banking Menu
    2. Update the Mobile Banking Menu
    3. Activate the ATM account in the Smart Cellular Phone

And up to 3 ATM card accounts can be displayed in the Smart cellular phone. Each ATM card account, in turn, can have a maximum of 2 bank accounts (primary savings and primary current) linked to it. If you need to display a 4th ATM card account, simply de-activate first any of the 3 active ATM card accounts (through Suspend Bank). You can easily re-activate (via Activate Bank) any suspended/de-activated account. Isn’t it liberating to be on top of your banking needs?

To avail of this service, you must have the following:

GSM 900/1800 handset STK Compatible (Dual Band handset) – must be able to display the Smart Menu (same level as messages, phonebook, etc.)

Smart Gold, Addict Mobile, Smart Infinity or Smart Buddy SIM (SMART 64K 1 & 2; SMART ZED PLUS v.2.02) – check the back of the SIM to validate the version

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