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Strategic Healthcare Investments for Enhanced Lending & Development (SHIELD)

Formerly called Sustainable Health Care Investment Program (SHCIP), SHIELD is a program that responds to the financing needs of the country’s health sector. It extends credit facility for health care investment projects with the aim of making health services more available, accessible and affordable to communities throughout the country, especially to people belonging to the lowest income group.

Eligible Projects

    • Development and construction of hospitals and other healthcare facilities including dental clinics, diagnostic laboratories, birthing centers, pharmacies
    • Renovation/expansion works for healthcare facilities
    • Acquisition/leasing of health care facilities
    • Working capital requirements of health care institutions
    • Refinancing of existing eligible loans for the health sector
    • Purchase of hospital/clinic/health facility inventory

Market Segment or Eligible Borrowers

    • All hospitals/health facilities (all levels /classifications)
    • Laboratories, diagnostic centers and clinics
    • Primary care providers such as
      • family physician clinics/RHUs
      • Midwife of birthing clinics
      • Business solution companies or NGOs supporting/operating primary care clinics
      • Pharmacies/drugstores/botika ng bayan