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Strategic Healthcare Investments for Enhanced Lending & Development (SHIELD)

The DBP Strategic Healthcare Investment for Enhanced Lending & Development (SHIELD) program aims to narrow the gap and improve the delivery of quality health care services in the country. The program extends credit for health care investment projects that promote availability, accessibility, and affordability of health care services to people belonging to the lowest income group. The program facilitates adequate referral system from lower to higher level health facilities.

Program Objectives

    • Support Nation Objectives for Health to achieve health system targets
    • Provides credit facilities for primary health care, health enterprises, and hospitals
    • Makes health services available, accessible, and affordable to Filipinos
    • Promotes public-private partnerships in the delivery of health services

Eligible Borrowers

    • All hospital/health facilities (all levels/classification)
    • Laboratories, diagnostic centers and clinics
    • Primary care providers, such as:
      • Family physician clinics/RHUs
      • Birthing clinics
      • Business solution companies or NGOs supporting/operating primary care clinics
      • Pharmacies/drugstores/botica ng bayan

Eligible Projects

    • Development and construction of hospitals and other health care facilities including dental clinics, diagnostic laboratories, birthing centers, pharmacies
    • Renovation, expansion works for health care facilities
    • Acquisition/leasing of health care equipment
    • Working capital requirement of health care institutions
    • Refinancing of existing eligible loans for the health sector
    • Purchase of hospital/clinic/health facility inventory

Equity Requirement

    • LGU borrowers are required a minimum equity of ten percent (10%) of the total project cost or winning bid price, whichever is lower.
    • Private sector borrowers are required a minimum equity of twenty percent (20%) of the total project cost.

Interest Rate

Prevailing market rate, special funding rate or ODA/non-ODA foreign borrowing rate, plus applicable spread based on borrower’s risk rating.

Loan Term

    • For infrastructure projects – Up to 15 years inclusive of 3 years grace period
    • For acquisition of machineries and equipment – Up to 7 years inclusive of 6 months grace period

Fees and Other Charges

Commitment fee and Front-end fee of 0.5% each for term loans for loans utilizing DBP funds*

*If special funds are used, the fees and charges of such funds shall be strictly followed.

Opening of Bank Account

Opening of bank account to any DBP branch where loan proceeds shall be credited.

Mode of Payment

Term loans shall be payable on monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, depending on the cash flow of the project.

Program Requirements

    • Permit to Construct (from DOH)
    • Environmental Clearance Certificate (from DENR-EMB)
    • LLDA Clearance (for certain areas)
    • License to Operate
    • Wastewater Discharge Permit
    • Healthcare Waste Generator’s Certificate
    • Certificate of Need (as applicable)
    • Philhealth Accreditation

Basic Documentary Requirements

    • Application Letter or Letter of Intent to Apply for a Loan
    • Brief write-up on the following:
      • Company history/background/nature of business
      • Management and organization
      • Market (existing and projected demand and supply, competitors, industry strategy, etc.)
    • Healthcare Waste Management Program for health facilities, if applicable
    • List of affiliate/subsidiaries/related companies
    • Duly accomplished Confidential Information Sheet (DBP Form) for principal officers and individual applicants
    • Audited Financial Statements for the last three (3) years
    • Latest In-house/Interim FS of the borrower and its related companies (subsidiaries and affiliates), solo and consolidated, if applicable
    • Copy of latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of the borrower duly stamped and received by the BIR, if applicable.
    • Certified true copy of company registration (SEC, CDA, NEA, DTI), Articles of Incorporation, and By-laws
    • Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
    • Other requirements specific to the borrower or project

Additional Requirements for LGUs

    • Certificate of the provincial, city or municipal treasurer that the annual amortization of existing loan or indebtedness are being paid regularly in accordance with the approved amortization schedule thereof and that the total amortization for all credits inclusive of the loan under negotiation shall not exceed 20% of the total LGU income
    • Copy of the LGU’s approved Comprehensive Development Plan
    • Statement of the IRA (for the past 5 years) duly certified by the LGU Chief Executive or Treasurer
    • Board Resolution passed by the appropriate Sanggunian expressly authorizing certain provisions
    • Monetary Board Opinion

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For more information, please contact:

Paul D. Lazaro
Head, Lending Program Management Group
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-3545 (dl), (02) 8818-9511 local 3310/3311

Rustico Noli D. Cruz
Head, Program Development and Management I Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-9745, (02) 8818-9511 local 3328

Carla Gianca C. Gonzales
Program Officer, Program Development and Management I Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8818-9511 local 2379

For loan application, you may contact the lending units near you:

Metro Manila Lending Groups

Ma. Lourdes B. Gumba
Head, Corporate Banking Group
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8812-6536

Lea Vanessa C. Cotaz
Head, Corporate Banking I Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-8940

Raquel C. Atienza
Head, Corporate Banking II Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8813-2730

Suzanne S. Aquino
Head, Financial Institutions Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8815-1528

Raquel C. Atienza
Head, Public Sector Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8815-1520

Jeanne D. Adamos
SME Retail and Mid-Market Lending Group
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-1177

Arturo S. Pedregosa
Head, Middle Market I Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-1177

Raymond C. Valdez
Head, Middle Market II Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8840-5566

Myra G. Almogino-Calara
Head, SME-NCR Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8812-9932

Provincial Lending Groups

Kindly proceed to this link.