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Retail Lending for Micro and Small Enterprises (RLM)

The RLM is a retail lending facility that aims to enhance micro and small enterprises’ (MSE) access to credit through simplified loan procedures and shorter turnaround time.

    Eligible Projects

    All types of projects of a qualified MSE borrower shall be eligible for MSE financing, except those undertaken for unlawful purposes, or those which may pose a risk to health, national security and the environment.

    Eligible Borrowers

    Single Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Cooperative, and other entities with legal personality to engage in a business enterprise with asset size of not more than PhP15.0 million.

    Loan Amount

      • For term loans, the MSE loan amount shall be up to 90% of total project cost.
      • For PO/LC financing, the MSE loan amount shall be up to 80% of the amount of the instrument or based on the actual cost of the goods purchased, whichever is lower.

    Interest Rate

    Prevailing market rate (fixed or variable)

    Loan Repayment

      • Based on enterprise’s development period but not to exceed ten (10) years, payable based in business cash cycle.
      • Maximum grace period of three (3) years on principal payment for projects with short gestation period and five (5) years for projects with long gestating period.