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DBP-Credit Surety Fund (CSF) Credit Facility

The DBP-CSF Credit Facility provides the financing needs of the CSF members for the conduct of economic and gainful activities.

Eligible Borrowers

Participating cooperatives and NGOs, MSME members of contributing cooperatives and NGOs, partnerships and corporations which are contributors of the Credit Surety Fund (CSF).

Types of Facility

      • Wholesale Credit Line for cooperatives and NGOs, for re-lending/sub-loan to its SME members
      • Retail Credit Line for Coop/NGO member’s own business
      • Term loan for Cooperative’s/NGO’s/SME member’s own business for:
          – building construction


        • – acquisition of equipment


      • – working capital

Loan Amount

A maximum of up to 10 times of the member’s contribution or the maximum eligible for CSF Surety Cover, whichever is lower shall be the determining factor for the borrower’s eligible loan amount.

Interest Rate

Prevailing market rate (fixed or variable)


Credit Surety Fund (CSF) cover with a risk-sharing ratio of 80:20 (Surety vs DBP)

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