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Small Business Puhunan Loan Program (SBPLP)

The DBP Small Business Puhunan Loan Program (SBPLP) was crafted to support the government’s thrust to provide credit for working capital to small enterprises. This program will open the doors of small borrowers who may later on enter into the regular lending program where they can avail bigger loans.


    • To expand access of micro and small borrowers thru bank financing
    • To increase compliance of DBP to the Magna Carta for MSMEs

Eligible Borrowers

    • Micro and Small-sized Enterprises with existing current account either with DBP or other banks
    • No adverse findings on credit investigation

Eligible Loan Purpose

    • Permanent Working Capital

Standard Terms and Conditions

    • Loanable Amount
      – Minimum: P300,000.00
      – Maximum: P1,000,000.00
    • Maximum Percentage Loanable based on Audited Net Income
      – Initial Loan: 50%
      – Renewal: 60%
    • Computation of Loan Amount – Previous year’s Audited Net Income x Maximum % Loanable
    • Loan Tenor/Repayment Period – I Year or 2 Years subject to Debt Service Coverage compliance
    • Mode of Payment – Monthly
    • Interest Rate
      • 1 year term loan – Fixed at 9% p.a.
      • 2 year term loan – Fixed at 10% p.a.
    • Mode of Release – Lump sum release to the borrower’s deposit account with DBP
    • Fee – Front-end Fee – 3% based on approved and booked loan amount
    • Collateral Security – Post-dated checks from non-DBP account

Documentary Requirements

    • Standard Requirements
      • DBP Application Form
      • Income Tax Returns for the last three (3) years (if applicable), with positive income in previous year
      • Latest interim financial statements (if applicable)
      • Simplified Bio-data of key officers (Major Owners and President/Manager)
      • Proof of billing for business and residence
      • Copy of last six (6) months Current Account statements
      • Copies of two (2) valid government issued IDs with pictures
    • Specific Requirements
      • Sole Proprietor
        • Certified true copy of DTI Business Registration
        • Mayor’s Business Permit
      • Corporation/Partnership
        • Certified true copy of SEC Registration
        • By-Laws and Article of Incorporation/Cooperation
        • Board Resolution to borrow with designated signatories
        • Latest General Information Sheet
      • Cooperative
        • Certified true copy of CDA Registration
        • List of shareholders/cooperative members with their shareholdings
        • Board resolution to borrow with designated signatories
        • By-Laws and Articles of Cooperation


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Project Managers
Program Development and Management II
Phone: (02) 818-9511 local 2331 or 2327

SME-NCR Department
Phone: (02) 840-0735 / 818-9511 local 3324