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Broiler Contract Growing Program (BCGP)

The Broiler Contract Growing Program (BCGP) is a sub-program under the Sustainable Agribusiness Financing Program (SAFP). The program is designed to encourage contract growers to expand their business by facilitating the financing of poultry broiler contract growing projects through shortened loan processing.


    • To provide credit assistance for poultry broiler contract growing projects
    • To provide sustainable income for poultry broiler growers
    • To finance the promotion of agribusiness for countryside development
    • To respond to the food requirements of the country

Eligible Borrowers

    • Poultry broiler contract growers who are registered with Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Labor and Employment, or Cooperative Development Authority
    • Engaged in poultry broiler contract growing projects that will not pose risk to health, national security and the environment
    • Holder of a letter of approval/contract growing agreement with a legitimate integrator

Eligible Purpose/Projects

    • Farm development
    • Farm acquisition
    • Farm expansion/rehabilitation

Eligible Project Components/Expenditures

    • Land as project site
    • Buildings & Improvement
    • – Broiler house
      – Farm office
      – Biosecurity building/Bio-room
      – Guard house
      – Feed warehouse
      – Power house
      – Staff house
      – Owner’s house/ Farm house
      – Perimeter fence and gate
      – Mortality pit
      – Elevated water tank
      – Multipurpose building (combination of: Bio-room/Office/Warehouse/Staff house/Guard house)
      – Wastewater treatment facility
      – Bio-digester/Covered lagoon
      – Road network inside the farm

    • Machinery & Equipment
    • – Growing equipment (ventilating/ feeding/ watering/ brooding systems)
      – Electric generator
      – Plastic slats

    • Site development
    • – Transportation
      – Water distribution system
      – Power distribution system

Loan Features

    • Amount of Loan – Loan amount shall be up to maximum of 80% of the Total Project Cost
    • Type of Facility – Term loan
    • Interest Rates – Prevailing market rate prescribed by the bank
    • Repayment Term – Maximum of 10 years
    • Grace Period – One (1) year
    • Mode of Release:
    • – Staggered manner (2 to 3 releases) based on progress accomplishment. Initial release shall be done only after equity has been fully infused.
      – Releases shall be based on agreed percentage of completion as verified by the authorized DBP representative.

    • Mode of Payment – Semi-annual
    • Equity – Minimum of 20% of TPC
    • Fees and other charges:
    • – Commitment fee, Front-end-fee (service fee), and extension fee of 0.5%
      – Trade fees and charges which are negotiable and transit interest charges, as applicable
      – Documentary Stamp Tax (DST)
      – Gross Receipt Tax (GRT)

Terms and Conditions:

    • For start-up projects
    • – Min. of two (2) broiler houses with a capacity of 36,000-40,000 birds/house
      – Letter of approval with specified capacity (number of birds) from integrator
      – Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)
      – Locational Clearance
      – Complied licenses and permits with concerned Barangay & LGU
      – Borrower shall be required to issue post-dated checks for payment of amortization
      – Borrower shall provide DBP a copy of the written notice to its integrator stating that its receivables
      from the contract growing agreement are assigned to DBP
      – Additional conditions for expansion projects
      – Amended ECC, if expansion is not covered in original ECC
      – At least one (1) existing broiler house

Basic Documentary Requirements

    • Letter of intent
    • Duly Accomplished Application Form (DBP Form)
    • Duly accomplished Customer Record Form (DBP Form)
    • Duly accomplished Confidential Information Sheet (DBP Form)
    • Audited financial statements, BIR-filed, for the last three (3) years, except for start-up operations (if applicable)
    • Latest interim financial statements or alternative (if applicable)
    • Bio-data of key officers
    • Business Registration Documents
    • Business Permits (Mayor’s Permit and Barangay Permit)
    • Project Brief/ Business Plan
    • Copies of collateral documents
    • Plans and specifications signed by a Registered
    • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer (Agricultural Engineer); detailed cost estimate; project schedule
    • Specifications and drawings with certification on the availability of spare parts locally (for machinery and equipment)
    • Other documents that may be necessary in loan evaluation

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Project Managers
Program Development and Management II
Direct Line/Fax: 812-8088
Trunk Line: (02) 818-9511 local 2331 or 2327

SME-NCR Department
Direct Line: (02) 840-0735
Trunk Line: (02) 818-9511 local 3324

SME Retail and Mid-Market Lending (NCR) Group
Direct Line: (02) 812-0416
Trunk Line: (02) 818-9511 local 3521

Corporate Banking Group
Direct Line: (02) 812-6536
Trunk Line: (02) 818-9511 local 2331