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How to apply for a loan

Are you ready to apply for a loan from DBP?
Here are 3 simple steps!

    • Step 1 Discuss your project proposal with a DBP account officer. Contact a DBP Account Officer and DBP shall assess your business needs.
    • Step 2 File your application form together with the required documents. Upon submission, DBP shall conduct the necessary evaluation and processing of your application. DBP shall advise you through a formal letter and phone call if your application has been approved.
    • Step 3 Once your application has been approved, open an account at DBP. All transactions will then be made through your DBP account.

On the average, it takes 30 to 36 days to process a loan, assuming all documents are complete. A project is monitored three months after the loan has been released. For new projects, quarterly visits are conducted.

Checklist of Loan Requirements
Getting Started