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Energy Efficiency Savings (E2SAVE) Financing Program

The Energy Efficiency Savings Financing Program (E2SAVE) was designed in support of Republic Act (R.A.) 11285 (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act) and R.A. 11697 (Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act).

E2SAVE aims to improve productivity of public and private institutions in promoting the efficient and judicious utilization of energy. The program ultimately seeks to help ensure the country’s energy security and independence from the use of imported fossil fuels.

Program Objectives

    • To finance the development and promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy for own use or
      net-metering scheme, green building, and electric vehicle projects to harness the available new technologies and energy potential, thus helping strengthen energy security and address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • To provide credit assistance to public and private institutions including Energy Service Providers (ESPs), Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and Charging Stations Service Providers (CSSPs) accredited by the Department of Energy (DOE)

Eligible Borrowers

    • Public sector institutions such as, but not limited to
      the following:

      • National Government Agencies
      • Local Government Units
      • Government Owned and Controlled Corporations
      • State Universities and Colleges
    •  Private Companies/Enterprises (e.g., building owners,
      building tenants, etc.)
    • ESPs, ESCOs and CSSPs accredited by DOE

Eligible Loan Purpose

    • Credit Line Facility
      • To finance Energy Savings Performance Contracts Receivables/ Lease to Own Contract Receivables/ Contract Receivables/ Purchase Orders of ESCOs
      • To support working capital requirements or inventory build-up
    • Term Loan Facility
      • To finance the conduct of Investment Grade Audit/ Energy Audit for public institutions,
        provided that it is coupled with energy efficiency projects
      • To finance capital expenditures of eligible projects
      • To finance acquisition of equipment and machineries that reduce the use of fossil fuel as a source of power
    • Refinancing
      • To refinance existing eligible projects, provided that:
        1. Account is in current status for at least one (1) year from previous lender
        2. No event of default and/or request for deferment from previous lender
        3. With additional loan on top of refinanced loan

Eligible Projects

    • Green Building Projects
      • Construction of green building certified by certifying body (e.g., PGBC or PGBI)
      • Retrofitting/ improvement/ upgrading of the thermal performance of the building envelope (including but not limited to retrofitting of exterior wall, window systems, roof insulation, etc.)
      • Retrofitting/ improvement/ upgrading of mechanical systems (including but not limited to double-island canopy for kitchen ventilation, Variable Air Volume Fan System, etc.)
      • Retrofitting/ improvement/ upgrading of electrical system (including but not limited to photoelectric switches or automatic dimmers, etc.)
    • Energy Efficiency Projects
      • Upgrading of electrical and mechanical machineries and equipment with highly efficient models (including but not limited to lighting fixtures, motor pumps, chillers, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems)
      • Industrial process improvement and system optimization (including but not limited to the upgrading of conveyors, kilns, broilers, and heat exchangers)
      • Recovery and utilization of by-product gas, waste, and pressure
    • Renewable Energy Projects
      • Installation of solar PV system on the rooftop or ground-mounted, wind turbines or other renewable energy technologies
        • Installation of solar, wind or hybrid powered
        streetlighting system
      • Installation of solar PV system for farm irrigation
    • Electric Vehicle Projects
      • Acquisition of EV, HEV, BEV, LEV, plug-in HEV and other electric-powered vehicles including the establishment of supporting structures (such as, but not limited to, electric vehicle charging station and battery swapping station)

Loanable Amount

    • For public institutions: Up to 100% of the Total Project Cost (TPC)
    • For private companies: Up to 80% of validated TPC
    • For ESCOs, ESPs and CSSPs: Up to 80% of Contract or Purchase Order amount, net of margin

Loanable Tenor

Interest Rate

    • Based on prevailing rates of DBP, fixed or variable depending on the source of fund

Other Fees

    • Based on standard fees and charges of the Bank

Special Features

    • Repayment based on savings for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects may be allowed. Loan amortization may be designed based on 80% of monthly energy savings or depending on the client’s preference but not to exceed 10 years loan tenor
    • Omnibus Term Loan Facility (OTLF) covering 2 years pipeline projects may be allowed for ESCOs or ESPs

Download brochure

For more program information, please contact:

Program Development and Management I Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8818-9511 local 2342/3328

For loan application, you may contact the lending units near you:

Metro Manila Lending Groups
Corporate Banking Group

Ma. Lourdes B. Gumba
Head, Corporate Banking Group
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8812-6536

Lea Vanessa C. Delos Reyes
Head, Corporate Banking I Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-8940

Raquel C. Atienza
Head, Corporate Banking II Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8813-2730

Suzanne S. Aquino
Head, Financial Institutions Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8815-1528

Gerard Boz C. Tungol
Head, Public Sector Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8815-1520

Jeanne D. Adamos
SME Retail and Mid-Market Lending Group
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-1177

Arturo S. Pedregosa
Head, Middle Market I Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8893-1177

Christian Joseph Presa
Head, Middle Market II Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8840-5566

Myra G. Almogino-Calara
Head, SME-NCR Department
Tel. Nos.: (02) 8812-9932

Provincial Lending Groups

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