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DBP’s Policy on Community Involvement

    Social Impact

    When we evaluate projects for financing, our paramount consideration is: how they are able to benefit the greatest number of our countrymen. We regularly examine the positive impact of what we do on the communities we serve to see how we can further enhance it. In our efforts to make economic gains felt by more Filipinos, we continue to reach out and serve the wider spectrum of population, especially the disadvantaged and underserved sectors.

    Investing in our Communities (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    Though the main impact of our institution stems from our core banking business, investing in communities remains a vital element for the sustainability of our business, since it is closely intertwined with the progress and health of the communities we serve.

    DBP has strengthened its corporate social responsibility efforts, enabling it to share the benefits of its continued financial success with disadvantaged sectors of the society.

    The Bank’s CSR initiatives are grouped into three major areas: education, environment, and OFW advocacy.


    Through the DBP Endowment for Education Program (DEEP), the Bank sends poor but deserving high school students to college. Scholarship assistance covers the whole range of the students’ requirements, including books, cost of living, and allowances.

    We have expanded and extended our DEEP program through a revitalised program that has been re-named DBP R.I.S.E. (Resources for Inclusive and Sustainable Education). Among the enhancements made to the program:

    1. Expansion of participant schools to include more State Universities and Technical-Vocational training institutes.
    2. Expansion of coverage to more courses and degrees that are in-demand in the job market to ensure scholars easily and more quickly find employment after graduation.

    As its Environment CSR project, the DBP Forest Program is a bank initiative that provides financial assistance to partners – comprising of Local Government Units and State Universities and Colleges – to protect the country’s critical watershed and coastal areas through the planting of trees.

    There are now forty-three DBP Forest projects nationwide totaling more than 7,000 hectares planted with 4.97 million trees

    OFW Advocacy
    As a major player in the remittance business catering to OFW’s, DBP is committed to both promoting and enhancing financial literacy and providing banking and investment products to them. DBP has pioneered in launching no-initial opening and maintaining cash card (Easi-Card) and deposit (Zero Balance Account) and is about to launch a Unit Investment Trust Fund Product (UITF) exclusively for OFWs, the Unlad Panimula Fund.