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Foreign Exchange (FX)

Involves buying and selling of foreign currencies to service FX trade and non-trade requirements of clients.

Buying and selling of foreign currencies

    • Currencies – USD, JPY, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, SGD, AED, BND, SAR, BHD, THB
    • Minimum investment – US$100,000.00
    • Purpose – to service FX trade and non-trade requirements of bank clients (spot/outright forward contract)


Market prices of Government Securities/Corporate Bonds are subject to fluctuations. Transactions may involve variety of significant risks to be understood and acknowledged by the client. Investors in these securities should also understand that the bank is acting as a broker and not as a financial adviser or fiduciary thus should seek financial advice and not rely solely on the information published on this website.

Would you like to inquire further about these products and services? Please contact the following SEC Licensed Fixed Income Market Salesmen:

Lorena Go-Espanol
SEC C.R. No. 02-2009-03328
Tel.: (+632) 8893-5749
(+632) 8818-9511 loc. 3822

Melea M. Maldia
SEC C.R. No 02-2013-08586
Tel.: (+632) 8815-1518
(+632) 8818-9511 loc. 3825

Maryrose G. Espino
SEC C.R. No. 02-2011-06336
Tel.: (+632) 8815-1518
(+632) 8818-9511 loc. 3820

Alyssa Joy M. Navarro
SEC C.R. No. 02-2017-12684
Tel.:  (+632) 8817-6519
(+632) 8818-9511 loc. 2834

Laraine Anne F. Arandia
SEC C.R. No. 02-2016-11832
Tel. : (+632) 8815-1518
(+632) 8818-9511 loc. 2831

Mayvelyn P. Ver
SEC C.R. No. 02-2019-13516
Tel.:  (+632) 8815-1518
(+632) 8818-9511 loc. 2831
Fax Number: (632) 8818-5143

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