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Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

    DBP has strengthened its corporate social responsibility efforts, enabling it to share the benefits of its continued financial success with disadvantaged sectors of the society.

    DBP’s CSR initiatives are grouped into three major areas: education, environment, and OFW advocacy.


    Through the DBP Resources for Inclusive and Sustainable Education (RISE), the Bank sends poor but deserving high school students to college. Scholarship assistance covers the whole range of the students’ requirements, including tuition, books, cost of living, and allowances.


    The DBP Forest Program is a non-credit program that aims to stop denudation and restore the country’s forest cover through organized collaboration with government and non-government organizations, state universities and colleges, people’s organizations and other qualified forest partners.

    CSR Statement
    As a catalyst for a progressive and poverty-free Philippines, the Development Bank of the Philippines is committed to upholding its corporate citizenship program through initiatives that promote the welfare of the Filipino people particularly the underprivileged.

      For more information, please contact:
      Corporate Social Responsibility Unit
      Corporate Affairs Department
      Direct Line: (02) 817-2411
      Trunk Line: (02) 818-9511 local 2751 or 2752